InfoVid: What does a wedding videographer do?

In this video we share three things that you might not realize a videographer does.

1. Editing. A wedding videographer will spend approximately 30 hours editing your main wedding film (i.e. wedding highlights film). This doesn't include the time spent on editing a preview, ceremony or documentary edits, etc. Picking out the perfect, legal music takes time as well, multiple hours sometimes. If your package includes DVDs and Blu-rays, it takes hours to design, print, and burn the discs. 

2. Equipment. Film is a very dynamic and powerful medium, and it requires many tools. Recording clear audio is very important, especially for moments like vows and toasts. Keeping shots steady requires many different kinds of stabilizers--tripods, monopods, gimbals, sliders, etc. Not to mention having camera bodies and a variety of lenses. It also takes loads of practice and experience to know how to use all of these parts together and quickly on a busy wedding day.

3. Social Media & Websites. How are you doing your wedding research? A lot of couples these days are using social media to find or to vet their wedding vendors. Writing blogs, updating Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. all take time. Don't get me wrong! This is a fun part of the job, and we love sharing our work with our amazing couples, but it does take considerable time and effort to keep all the content current. 

If you found any of the information surprising, leave us some feedback! And if you found it helpful or know anyone getting married, share this video. Thanks for stopping by!