Leiff Whistler Robinson // In-Home Newborn Session

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This new season of my life is SO fun — friends are getting married and having babies left and right! I recently had the privilege of spending time in California with one of my best friends of TWENTY YEARS photographing her and her husband Andy’s new baby. We had so much fun! One benefit of staying at their house (besides tea, stroganoff, and horror movie marathons) was getting to do our sessions when the baby was up for it, and no pressure when he was over it. Newborns are constantly ravenous, just FYI.

Kylee and I have been friends just about our entire lives, and I am so lucky that we’ve stayed so tight, even though we’ve lived a couple thousand miles apart since graduating high school! We’ve been each other’s sleepover buddies, writing partners, musical dates, no-judgment confidants, bridesmaids, and now I get to watch her take on this new and brave step! And she’s doing it damn well, I might add, along with her sweet hubby. The most fun part is seeing how she’s still 100% Kylee Q, just with a tiny human person to keep happy, and if you’d like to get to know her better real quick, scroll all the way down to the bottom ;) [donthatemeiloveyou!]

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I truly love my job, and it’s so special when I get to do my thang for my friends! We had to play on his fall birthday and unique name—Leiff (like “leaf,” but not). Kylee has Danish roots and Andy has pirate ancestors, so you’ll see some nods to nautical and Viking things in their nursery. Also, how dang cute is the little pumpkin surrounded by pumpkins! He’s a cherub. Thank you, Kylee & Andy, for letting me participate in this most special chapter yet. I love you (3!) and I can’t wait to watch you raise baby Leiff!

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One fur-sister Zinny made an appearance! I love her bandana: Leiff’s Big Sister

One fur-sister Zinny made an appearance! I love her bandana: Leiff’s Big Sister

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Kylee’s always had her own flavor, and she’s always allowed me to feel free to express myself! Enjoy the following collage of Kylee expressing her unique self ;) She’s gonna be the cool mom!

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