Caydee + Matt // 30a Beach Wedding


Caydee & Matt’s love story, in their own words:

One night at Social House (a bar/restaurant), Matt was getting a drink with a friend, and Caydee was drinking with a friend as well. Caydee was dared by someone to go talk to Matt and his roommate, and why would she turn down a dare to talk to cute boys? Caydee went up to Matt and they hit it off right away. They hung out everyday for the next couple weeks before Matt asked Caydee to be his girlfriend. Caydee and Matt fell for each other fast, and met each others families even faster.

Matt and Caydee caught the traveling bug and loved all the adventures together. They traveled several times to Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, and a bunch of other places, all falling more and more for each other.

After about a year of dating, Matt mustered the courage to purchase a ring and ask Caydee’s father for her hand in marriage. Over the next few weeks, Matt plotted and schemed a way to surprise Caydee and pop the question. After telling Caydee about an important business dinner to impress new clients, Caydee and Matt drove out to the Fort Worth Boat Club, both nervous for different reasons. Caydee was nervous to be a “grown up” and talk with the wives of the new “clients,” as Matt was nervous for obvious reasons.

After walking up to the porch at the Boat Club to find it completely empty, Matt informed Caydee, Catherine Baldwin, that they were not actually there for a business meeting. After a couple seconds of confusion, a light flickered in her eyes and she finally realized what was happening. Matt promised to treat her the best he can for the rest of their lives and got down on one knee to ask if she would marry him… and she said, “YES!”

Caydee and Matt have grown together with the help of their friends and family and could not feel luckier to have all those around to support and love them through their journey. Caydee and Matt have plenty of adventures to come and they cannot wait for all of the memories they will make together.

Caydee grew up going to the beach house that her grandfather built. The beach house was her grandfathers favorite place in the world, and after he past it quickly became Caydee's favorite place as well. Caydee always wanted to get married there, and when she mentioned a beach wedding to Matt when they started talking about marriage he agreed without hesitation. 

This was such a fun wedding, lighthearted and full of sweetness and sunshine!

Our favorite highlights:

  • The giant LOVE sign the bride’s father made for their wedding—SUCH a fun backdrop for photos and reception fun

  • The 3-D printed cake topper of Caydee & Matt themselves—so unique!

  • The biggest wedding party we’ve ever seen—so supportive and fun!

  • The sweetest sunset bride & groom photo session on Santa Rosa Beach!

Be sure to watch their sneak peek video and then scroll down for our favorite photos, and if you’d like to watch their full film, scroll all the way down!


Photography & Videography: Milestones Studios

Planning/Coordinator: Savoir Faire Weddings

Rentals: 850 Event Rentals

Catering: Emerald Coast Catering

Bakery: Sweet for Sirten

Flowers: Perfect Day Weddings and Events

Hair & Makeup: Lanna Curry Artistry

Entertainment: Bay Kings Band