Alison + Steven // Destin Bay House Wedding


Alison & Steven’s love story, in Alison’s own words:

We met at restaurant where we both worked at the time. His side of the story is that he saw me first, but was too shy to say anything nor did he think he would have a shot. My side is that I saw him and thought 'No way he's single.' He was single and a friend of ours made sure to introduce us. It took a few days for him to come around and I am not a very patient person so I gave him my number and told him "We should hang out sometime." Still a few more days (makes sense now because he was so shy back then) before we hung out, compared music tastes, and watched What Dreams May Come. First date and we watch a tear jerker. Smooth. It was wonderful for a while but it was a little bit bumpy of a road as we were both in our early twenties and still trying to figure out what we wanted.

We've been together through a lot- birthdays, graduations, weddings, life, death. We've always felt comfortable around each other and he always knows how to make me laugh or get me to calm down when I'm being too high strung. I've been able to bring him out of his shell. We got engaged shortly after the solar eclipse in August of 2017. He planned out a whole secret day for us to travel and see it in full effect. We took a sunset drive in the north Georgia mountains where he pulled off the road to "stretch our legs" and that's when he asked!

He's always been a perfect gentleman and has wanted nothing more than to make me happy and take care of me. I just want to be his best friend for life and give him the love he very much deserves.

Check out their sneak peek!

This wedding was full of emotion, from the toasts, to the vows, to the first looks. We loved weaving together the sweet sentiments with the beautiful footage of this bride and groom!


  • The vows! Steven and Alison composed heartfelt vows to each other, and Steven surprised everyone by saying vows to his new step-son, Noah.

  • The gorgeous sunset by the bay at one of our favorite venues: Destin Bay House!

  • Pops of pink and happy tears everywhere!

Watch their full film below!