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SHINElife is an inspirational, local jewelry line with an amazing story behind why they exist. We had such a great time helping Hilary and her family tell their story, and we just love their four beautiful girls! First up are the TinySHINE videos (their kids jewelry line featuring their amazing kids and friends), and the third one is their full video story!


La-t-da events

We teamed up with La-T-Da Events to create a series of videos detailing 22 reasons for hiring a wedding planner, leading up to their big announcement: they're opening their own wedding venue, South 22!

We always love working with Ruby & her team on wedding days, and collaborating on this project for them was so much fun!


ortiz law firm

We collaborated with Nick Ortiz to bring to life his vision of a classy, serious look at why you should hire the Ortiz Law Firm for your Social Security, personal injury, and long term disability cases.