I'm ready to shake my booty with you

I put the "Miles" in Milestones

My name is Jana - pronounced like Banana. 

My favorite parts of the wedding day are capturing the authentic, beautiful moments between two people who have chosen love for life and when it's time to celebrate that love on the dance floor! Whether the two of you need a little help with what to do with your hands or someone to show your guests how to dance the Wobble--I've got you covered!

After all the planning: detailing what the cake will look like, choosing that perfect color theme, and what bouquet elements will look perfect with both your gown & his suit, an investment in professional memories capture is imperative. It’s easy to try and cut corners for the sake of budget, but an investment in a professional photographer and videographer will preserve those memories in a way that brings you back to the way you felt in those moments every time you look at them.

Your wedding day will be one of the most special and meaningful days of your life. You will have a million emotions during the most important moments you've been planning for months. It will be amazing, but it's impossible to remember everything from the moment you put on THE dress until you run through the sparklers. A professional wedding team is an investment in capturing all of the moments you've carefully planned, and for preserving the moments you need to remember forever.


this is your day